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leverage technology to have a clearer perspective!!!
figure of speech: unpolished surfaces, rough corners and dusty floors are there, we know. you met us in our rugged looks while we are busy setting up the wiring and plumbing. and it never stopped us from taking a break and chat over drink of our choice, let’s chat. - Ref{TL}
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Products & Services

We are working on some cool product ideas. These are products from Reformeta Technology Labs and showcased in Portfolio. Along side the product development our team is also providing Mobile Apps and Web Apps, design and development services for clients. Our breadth and depth of technical expertise also enable us to provide corporate trainings to few select clients on special requirements


We expertise in hybrid and native Apps development. Check our portfolio section for our products and apps we have built for clients.


We provide services on building comprehensive and responsive web sites and Progressive Web Apps. With the recent advancement of browser capabilities PWA are great choice, check our blog.


Contact us for corporate trainings.


Check our works. Each project shall open in a new windows, closing the window shall bring you back to current screen.


Web Design, E-Commerce

Community App

Hybrid App

Community Website

Website Design

Doctor Appointment App

Hybrid App

A REST based Service

Service Design


our journey so far

  • 2010-2012

    When it all started!!!

    It all started with groovy discussions and great ideas among friends and colleagues

  • 2012-2017

    In the search of holy grail

    All that started in talks as waves of thoughts became tides of projects and failures. We tried ideas and learnt formfailures. Last few years had seen may ups and downs but it never settled as the calm lake. We continued to work for our daily jobs and loved to brainstorm over ideas and try them every now and then. By the mid of 2017 we felt now its time for an official more publicly announced start. And allow others to be part of our journey via the means of our products and blog.

  • March 2018

    Our most awaited official beginning

    Earlier few months of the year are well spent in identifying a cool name that really makes uscall it when we look ourselves in a mirror or when you see us in action. Well we came up with Reformeta Technology Labs (a.k.a {Ref}TL in somewhat leet code way). What is so cool about Reformeta!! It is a story to be told and I saved it for blog post.

  • Be part
    of our

Reformeta Team

Let’s get introduced to the team.

Harsha Chandra

Harsha Chandra

Co-Founder, Developer, Blogger

Ruchin Kansal

Ruchin Kansal

Co-Founder, Developer

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You may contact us at this email id.